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How to Take Lipozene®**

To assist you in achieving your weight loss goals, Lipozene suggests following its recommended daily dose, which has been clinically proven to lead to 4X more weight loss. Implementing Lipozene into your normal daily routine is easy and seamless, and won’t disrupt your schedule. Soon, it will be second nature to reach for your Lipozene before meals.

All you need to do is take 2 capsules, with 8 ounces of water, at least 30 minutes before your 3 largest meals of the day. For most people, this means taking Lipozene before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, you can adjust your dose to accommodate your specific eating habits. If no two days are the same for you, don’t worry about that, either, because you can easily tailor your Lipozene doses to your changing schedule.

The most important thing to remember with any weight loss regime is that consistency is key. And that means taking Lipozene consistently, too. Sticking to the recommended 2 capsules, 3 times daily, will ensure that you are taking full advantage of the weight loss potential that Lipozene offers. Your future self will thank you for taking a few seconds each day to achieve weight loss.



how to take lipozene



  • No Strict Diets
  • Feel Full Faster & For Longer
  • Natural Active Ingredient
  • Countless Success Stories!

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